Soft close hinge Overlay 110° | Concealed hinge | Kitchen cabinet

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Overlay Hinge 110° - Soft close and easy installation.

This soft close hinge is an excellent overlay hinge. The door is in front of the side walls of the cabinet. With an opening angle of 110 degrees, this hinge offers a convenient solution. What makes this hinge so useful is that the bottom can be clicked off. This allows one part of the hinge to be attached to the cabinet and the other part to the door. This saves a lot of effort!

Do you also suffer from the annoying sound of cupboard doors closing? With this hinge that is a thing of the past. The built-in damping ensures that the hinge catches the door during closing and closes gently.

Assembly This hinge has a pot size of 35 mm and a minimum drilling depth of 11.5 mm. Thanks to the handy click mechanism, mounting this hinge is very easy. In addition, the hinge is easy to adjust using the slotted holes.

All concealed hinges are supplied with a mounting plate. If you want the door to be flush with the side wall, you can calculate the overhang. Suppose the door thickness is 18 mm, then the distance from the edge of the pot hole to the edge of the wall is 5 mm.

Using the adjustment screws you can easily adjust the hinge after installation, so that the cabinet door hangs straight.

It is also possible to order a matching drill and drilling template.