Cup handle Copper - 80mm - Including screws

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Timeless Class: Discover Our Copper Cup Handle of 80 mm

Give your furniture a touch of timeless elegance with our 80 mm copper cup handle. With its refined design and warm copper hue, this handle adds a stylish and classic look to your furniture.

Most important features:

  1. Durable and Stylish : Crafted from high quality material, this copper bowl handle offers durability and maintains its beautiful copper color. The material can withstand daily use, making it long lasting.

  2. Timeless Design : With its classic curve and warm copper finish, this pull handle fits effortlessly with various interior styles. Whether you have a traditional, rural or modern interior, this handle adds a touch of sophistication.

  3. Easy Installation : The handle comes with the necessary mounting screws, making installation quick and easy. You can quickly provide your furniture with this stylish handle.

  4. Optimal Dimensions : With a diameter of 80 mm, this recessed handle offers a comfortable grip and allows effortless opening of cabinet doors or drawers.

  5. Versatile Application : Whether on kitchen cabinets, dressers, bedside tables or other furniture pieces, this copper bowl handle adds a touch of classic elegance to various rooms in your home.

Add a touch of timeless class to your furniture with our 80 mm Copper Cup handle. Let this handle be a subtle but striking addition to your interior and enjoy the refined style it brings. Add it to your shopping cart now and make your furniture shine with this beautiful copper cup handle!